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Coulomb's Law in vector form:

 Coulomb's Law in position vector form:

F12= force on q1 due to q2
F21= force on q2 due to q1

Hence Coulomb's force is Newtonian in nature.


According to superposition principle, the net force acting on a point charge due to a number of point charges around it is the vector sum of the individual forces acting on that point charge due to all other point charges.

Consider n number of point charges q1, q2, q3...................qn having their position vectors r1, r2, r3,..........................rn.

F01= force on q0 due to q1

F02= force on q0 due to q2



Fon= force on q0 due to qn.

According to superposition principle, we have

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Download Syllabus(+2 Physics CHSE)

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