Preparation for IIT JAM Physics 


1. Make a disciplined study space.

2. Take a topic, fully read & practice.

3. Make a note what you have studied.

4. Practice then previous year IIT JAM questions.

5. Note all the doubts & discuss with your teacher or friends.

6. Manage group study, but not more than three friends.

7. Daily practice at least 3 hours for your exam.

8. Cover all the topics within a specified time.

9. Revise all the topics.

10. Daily practice at least 10 numerical.

Note: When the exam is very near, then revise all the concepts & numerical within that specified time period.

Syllabus Download:

Section A:

  • There are 30 questions & having 10 questions of 1 mark each and 20 questions of two marks each. Out of 4 options, tick the right one.
  • For each wrong answer of 1 mark questions, 0.33 mark will be deducted.

Section B:

  • There are 10 questions in this section. 
  • There is no negative marking for this section.

Section C:

  • There are 20 questions involving 10 questions of one mark each and 10 questions of two marks each.
  • There are no negative & partial marking provision for this section.
Syllabus Download:
How to attend all questions:

1. First overlook all the questions.
2. Start the easy question you feel.
3. Then Start from Section-A. Skip the unattended & don't tick.
4. Then start Section-C. Attend all since no negative marking for this.
5. Then start section-C. Again attend all the questions because no negative marking for this.
6. Attend questions within a specified time limit.
7. Repeat the procedures to attend all.

Wishing you good luck dear students for your exam.

Syllabus For:

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