An electron trapped in a one-dimensional region of length 1.0 × 10-10 m (a) In the ground state, what is the probability of finding the electron in the region from x = 0.0090 nm to 0.0110 nm? (b) In the first excited state, what is the probability of finding the electron between x = 0 and x = 0.025 nm.




L =10^ -10;
x1 =0.09*10^-10; x2 =0.11*10^-10 //lmits of the given region
probGnd=(2/L)*integrate('(sin(%pi*x/L)^2)','x',x1 ,x2);
disp ('Probability in Ground State');
x1 =0, x2 =0.25*10^ -10;
probExc =(2/ L)* integrate('(sin(2*%pi*x/L)^2)','x',x1 ,x2);
disp ( 'Probability In first Excited State' );
disp(probExc );


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