Kinetic Theory of Gases:

According to kinetic theory , a gas made up of very large number of identical possible directions and collide with one another as well as with the walls of container , Thus the speed and direction of motion of molecules i,e , their velocity changes and it is quite probable to get molecules of any velocity at any inter Maxwell and Boltzmann proposed a statistical law for the distribution of velocity among the gas molecules

1. A gas is composed of a large number of tiny invisible , perfectly elastic particles , called the molecules.
2.  The molecules are always in a state of continuous motion with varying The cons velocities in all possible directions . The molecules collide with the molecules is molecules and with the walls of the containing vessel.
3.The molecules traverses straight paths between any two collisions .
4. The size of the molecules is infinitely small compared to the average distance traversed by a molecule between any two consecutive collision The distance between any two consecutive collisions is called free path.
5. The time of collisions is negligible as compared with the time taken to traverse the path.
6. The collisions between molecules and with the walls are perfectly elastic so that there is no loss of kinetic energy in the collisions.
7.The molecules exert no force on each other except when they collide and whole of the molecular energy is kinetic.
8. The volume of the molecules is negligible as compared to the volume of the vessel containing the gas.
9. The inter molecular distance in a gas is much larger than that in a solid or liquid and the molecules of a gas are free to move in the entire space available to them.

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