Lab Assistant in Physics

Laboratory Assistant/ Demonstrator in Physics:

Laboratory Assistant or Demonstrator work in a lab. They conduct all the practicals for all the semesters.

Qualifications & Ideas:
1. Minimum Degree is B.Sc Physics in a regular mode.
2. He /She must have a basic knowledge about all the instruments.
3. May be able do to the computer related programming like C++, Scilab, Matlab etc.
4. Must have a practical & detailed idea about the concepts.
5. May be smart enough for demonstration & must have a clarity.

Tips for preparation:
1. Start from +2 Practical Experiments because it contains all the fundamentals.
2. Start studying the theory of a particular experiment.
3. Prepare all the possible questions & note them.
4. Prepare the procedures of the experiment.
5. Start doing the practicals if possible or just know how it may be conducted.
6. Study the tabulations & observations.
7. Get idea regarding the true value & measured value. Remember some standard value.
8. After completing one, go for another.
9. Refer all references from theory books.
10. Repeat all the procedures for betterment. For any query visit our site & contact.

OSSC Requirement Detailed:

Syllabus For:                                                      Get all B.Sc Physics Notes

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